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BGFMA represents most of the leading companies which provide full FM services – technical, infrastructural and commercial; others that provide real estate management services, as well as providers of individual services such as cleaning, IT, maintenance and others. Some of our members are companies with large property portfolios, which had elevated facility management at senior corporate level, such as banks, insurance companies, large outsourcing companies and others. In-house facility managers, as well as property and asset managers are also members of the association.

Prominent FM companies and experts are members of BGFMA and the Association is constantly growing. Here are our associated members:

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  • “Facilities” Magazine;

    “Facilities” Magazine

    “Facilities” Magazineis the only Facility Management B2B magazine in Bulgaria which includes all topics, related to the processes and systems management in buildings, facilities, and corporate fleets. The main goal of the magazine is to promote new ideas and best practices for facility management and also to promote the facility management concept and the facility manager’s profession in Bulgaria. From 2012 the magazine is published by Public Services Ltd.


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  • Association of commercial buildings owners in Bulgaria

    Association of commercial buildings owners in Bulgaria

    The Association of commercial buildings owners in Bulgaria (ACBO) is voluntarily, non-political non-governmental and non-religious organization founded in 2013.

    The members of the Association are more than 20 companies, owners of commercial buildings with total TBA of more than 500 000 sqm, located in Republic of Bulgaria.

    The ACBO is a member of of the Confederation of the employers in Bulgaria- CEIBG, The Voice of Bulgarian Business and Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association.

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  • Balpex Ltd


    Balpex Ltd

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  • Bulgarian cleaning association

    Bulgarian cleaning association

    Bulgarian Cleaning Association was founded on 10 September 2007. This is an association of the companies in the professional cleaning industry – service, distribution and production. Members are Bulgarian companies, occupied in the cleaning sector, who share the aims of the association and the means of their achievement; accept and implement the rules and the ethic code. We trust in the importance of this business sector which implies to the achievement of high standard of hygiene and health and quality of life. We work together to offer high qualityservices, goods and technique to our customers.

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  • Bulgarian Green Building Council



    The Bulgarian Green Building Council (BGBC) is a non-profit organization with a mission to transform the built environment by changing the way buildings and communities are designed, built and operated. As a member of a world-wide network of organizations, we work together to build awareness in the public sector, build capacity through professional education, engage business to measure sustainability in the supply chain and product manufacturing, and aid government in developing sustainable policies.

    BGBC serves as a central knowledge sharing platform for the construction and development market in Bulgaria. The organization offers comprehensive expertise in sustainable construction and the urban planning sector and is responsible for the implementation of internationally recognized certification systems for buildings and urban districts, and offering professional accreditation trainings for green building consultants and auditors. Our members represent various market sectors which work together to create a sustainable economy, a cleaner environment and a strong community for future generations.


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  • Bulgarian Ventilation and Air-conditioning Hygiene Association


    Bulgarian Ventilation and Air-conditioning Hygiene Association

    Bulgarian Ventilation and Air-conditioning Hygiene Association is an associate member of BGFMA.

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  • Emil Metchikian

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  • Esri Bulgaria


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  • EVIC



    EVIC was registered on 25.11.2009g. Sofia City Court, as an organization of cluster type. Industrial Cluster “Electric” was founded by seven Bulgarian companies and is the first in Bulgaria Industrial Association for electric mobility.

    By decision of the General Assembly of the organization in March 2014. EVIC is a national professional organization for electric mobility. It brings together its members for industrial, technological and business development, strategic developments, legislative changes, higher and vocational education and training, standardization connection with central and local authorities, and others.

    In the organization actively participate and representatives of the scientific and educational community. Honorary member Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.


    Create profesionalnosdruzhenie of companies and organizations from various engineering, industrial and non-industrial sectors and branches across the country, including:

    • joining forces to create a national charging infrastructure for EVs – BULCHARGE

    • Create community and environment models for the electric conversion (converting from ICV in electric) in Bulgaria.

    • Creating new industries in order to increase the competitiveness of this industry according to the requirements and pressure from European and world markets;

    • cooperate with all authorities to establish rules, norms and standards in this new industry.

    • Achieving technological synergy effect through mutual exchange of materials, raw materials, technology and production of accompanying products and services;

    • achieving significant performance solar, renewable, hydrogen generation and energy sources in the economy and consumers in the country;

    • Cooperate with each other and with all relevant administrative manuals on the topic of improving the educational infrastructure in the country;

    • Use common opportunities to improve human resources for scientific and applied research, advertising and promotion of products and services and attracting investment;

    Sustainable competitiveness of the members of EVIC;
    Establishment of National charging infrastructure for EVs – BULCHARGE;
    Adapted legislation and regulatory framework for nasalchavane of EVs
    Implementation of models of mass urban transport with electric buses;
    Industrial investment projects for technological innovation and introduction of innovations to reduce energy intensity of transportnit eshemi;
    Developing and offering strategic investors of investment projects to increase energy efficiency and implementation of procedures for alternative energy;
    Sustainable conservation and preserved environment according to national and regional priorities and EU requirements;
    Implementation of programs and projects to improve working conditions in enterprises – participants in the cluster network;
    Improve the system for improving education and training for the needs of branch Electric mobility;

    The main competitive advantage of EVIC is the ability and capacity to organize and maintain the structure for cooperation and enhancing the competitiveness of participants in the network, namely:

    • Business models in the charging infrastructure, transport systems, services, training.

    • General trading strategies in foreign markets and improve the capacity to finance investment projects;

    • Creating mechanisms for coordination (cooperation) to improve access to international projects;

    • Improvement of business, marketing and strengthening the presence of members of potential domestic and international markets.

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  • Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (FEBA) at Sofia University

    The economic sciences were introduced at the first Higher School in Sofia when, in 1892, the study of political economy, financial science and statistics began in the Law Department. After the renaming of the Higher School to Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, teaching of business sciences continued at the existing Faculty of Law. In 1951, the Faculty of Economics was separated from the University of Sofia and became a separate Karl Marx Higher Institute of Economics. The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (FEBA) at Sofia University was restored by a decision of the Academic Council on May 16, 1990.

    The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (FEBA) is one of the leading institutions for teaching and research in the field of Economics and Business in Bulgaria and the Balkan region. In the official rating system for the higher education institutions in Bulgaria, FEBA holds the first place in the study field of “Economics”.

    Since 2007, the Faculty of Economics has been teaching disciplines and majors related to Facility Management.

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  • HP Bulgaria


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    NATIONAL REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION (NREA) is the representative professional organization of companies operating in the real estate segment in Bulgaria. The association was established in 1992 as a non-profit organization, first registered under the Law of Persons and Family named “Real Estate Association “. On the 17.11.1995 on the General Assembly it changed its name to National Real Estate Association.

    NREA is an associate member of BGFMA.

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  • MSI Vitosha

  • Uconomics Ltd


    Uconomics Ltd

    Юкономикс ООД е бързо развиваща се компания създадена с цел да обслужва ютилити индустриите в България.

    Мисията на Юкономикс е да бъде център за знания в инфраструктурата и енергетиката, публичните и комунални услуги в България като предоставя качествени и иновативни продукти и услуги, задоволяващи нуждата от нов тип знания и умения на европейско ниво в сектора. Компанията инвестира в млади специалисти и подпомага развитието на ютилити пазара в страната. Юкономикс инициира промени в сектора и допринася за развитието на една информирана, модерна общност от ютилити експерти.

    Юкономикс доставя новини и професионални знания в областта на инфраструктурата, енергетиката, публичните и комунални услуги. Компанията издава следните списания: “Ютилитис”, “Фасилитис”, “Maintenance Review” и “Fleet Manager”.

    Списание “Фасилитис” е първото специализирано списание за мениджмънт на сгради и съоръжения. Основна цел на списание “Фасилитис” е да представи нови идеи и успешни практики в областта на експлоатацията и поддръжката на сгради и съоръжения, да популяризира в България понятието “фасилити мениджмънт” и професията “фасилити мениджър”.

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  • UESB


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  • University of national and world economy


    University of national and world economy

    The University of National and World Economy (UNWE) is established in 1920. It is the oldest, the most prestigious and the largest economic university in Southeastern Europe, a leader in Bulgarian and European higher education.

    UNWE envisages itself in the future as a leader among the universities of Southeastern Europe which educate students and conduct researches in the field of Economics, Management and Administration, Law and Politics.

    Partner of BGFMA is the Department of “Economics of Real Estate”. It was established in 2007. It focuses on one of the most dynamically developing markets in the country – that of real estate. Due to its broad scope and specifics, real estate market reflects the trends in other sectors of the economy and, in turn, also influences them. Because of that, modern economics pays it special attention. In the Economy of consumption, it is traditionally assumed that the acquisition and effective management of real estate is the basis of economic efficiency of the individual household.

    The University is an associate member of BGFMA since September 2013.

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