About the Association

Bulgarian Facility Management Association (BGFMA) was found on May 29, 2008 and was registered in Sofia City Court on August 22, 2008. After the elections, made on the last General meeting of the Association, that took place in Sofia on March 10th, 2017 the Board of Directors consists of the following 11 members:

  1. Ivan Velkov – Chairman
  2. Deyan Kavrakov – Deputy Chairman, representative of Mundus Services
  3. Nikola Ignatoff – Deputy Chairman, representative of Ceres Property Services
  4. Bisera Peycheva– Member of the Board, representative of Planex Invest
  5. Bozhidar Zahariev– Member of the Board
  6. Dimitar Georgiev– Member of the Board, representative of First Facility Bulgaria
  7. Emil Metchikian– Member of the Board
  8. Kiril Iliev – Member of the Board
  9. Krasimir Ikonomov– Member of the Board, representative of FM Europe
  10. Lora Vlahova– Member of the Board, representative of Interpred WTC Sofia
  11. Valeri Leviev – Member of the Board, representative of FMBG.

The Supervisory Board of the Bulgarian Facility Management Association consists of 3 individual members of the Association and it has the mandate of the Board of Directors. Currently the Supervisory Board is represented by Dobromir Simidchiev, Nikola Braykov and Yordan Stankov.

The primary goal of BGFMA is to promote and implement professional FM standards in the management of all types of buildings.

With more than 70 members, BGFMA represents one of the most important companies which provides full FM services – technical, infrastructural and commercial; ones which provides real estate management services, as well as providers of individual services such as cleaning, IT services and others. Some of our members are companies with large real estates, which had put facility management at senior level, such as banks, insurance companies, large outsourcing companies and others. Inhouse facility managers, as well as property and asset managers are also part of the association.

Starting with 17 companies – founders, today BGFMA has more than 60 corporate and individual members, and the number is growing each year.

The goal set-up by the association, are building a strong facility management network of professionals, who are willing to share their knowledge and promote the facility management as a must for managing companies’ real estate.

Working closely with governmental and local authorities, BGFMA has a leading role in preparing and changing laws and requirements, which concerns proper facility management.

You can download the Statute of BGFMA here 


Projects BGFMA participates in:

WIFI Academy for Facility Management

The project aims at developing and piloting an innovative, multilingual platform for online distance training in FM – WIFI Facility Management Academy (WIFI-FMA). It will present comprehensive online training materials in English, Bulgarian, German, Hungarian and Serbian languages applying trainee-friendly learning methods. The project will use as a foundation the good Austrian practice for training in Facility Management, which will be adapted for online distance training and upgraded with two additional FM disciplines (courses) for the needs of the innovative multilingual online training platform WIFI-FMA. It will allow the FM professionals, who are not able to recede from work for long time to maintain and increase their professional qualification. It will also allow people with disadvantages, to get easily included in lifelong learning programme that doesn’t insist on daily attendance.

DEFMA Digital and Environmental Skills in Facilities Management

BGFMA has started working on a new project with European funding DEFMA “Digital and environmental skills in facilities management”. The project is under the ERASMUS + Program and aims to form a strategic partnership to modernize and enrich the current vocational educational and training of the facilities management workforce in Europe. The specific objectives of the project are to:

  • Enhance labor market relevance of VET for facilities managers to address digital and “green” needs, by designing an innovative and comprehensive training course in environmental technologies and sustainability issues.
  • Introduce modern training delivery methods and innovative open access pedagogical resources, enabling learners to acquire and self – assess digital and environmental skills.
  • Facilitate mutual recognition of the developed learning outcomes and establish a framework towards an EU “green” qualification for facilities managers.

The duration of the Project is 30 months starting as of October 2016.

The DEFMA Project will produce an innovative and comprehensive training course, and will develop open access pedagogical resources in environmental technologies and sustainability issues.